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The Death of Mara

As the group moves deeper into the swamp, they are confronted by an aged lizardman and a large party of his warriors. The group wisely chooses to parley and after a stilted conversation, they learn that a dark force has moved into the swamp> it drew off a portion of the tribe and other, darker creatures are also being called to it.

After spending the night as guests of the lizardmen, they continue the journey. Lizzy, their teenaged guide, leads them well through the swamp. The party is confronted by a dark figure that channels the demon that they first met under the fort near Road’s End. It offers them a bargain, information that would lead them to the ship carrying the person who carried off Lin Soo’s wife for simply leaving him (and the hags) alone.

The party does not make the devils bargain and pushes on, crossing the floating bridge that stands before them. (Despite Walnaz’s deep misgivings) At the worst possible moment, a massive, multi-headed beast rises up from the water and lashes out at the adventurers.

Mara Nailo manages to entangle the massive creature for a moment, giving the group a chance to mount an attack. Walnaz calls out that the creature is vulnerable to fire and the battle begins.

Lin Soo and Bjord Tabtsdottir have no luck at all, and miss attack after attack. Blizzard (Blizz) Roywyn Zook Galgyra Eniryn Folkor Merjin bravely casts bolts of fire at the beast but is forced to flee when it turns all of it’s rage on her for using fire against it. Only her magical shielding spell prevents her from being savaged.

Mara Nailo races forward with a magical flaming blade and draws the ire of the monster. It turns its full attention to her and lashes out with all five heads! With the sickening sound of rending flesh, Mara Nailo is torn into bloody pieces and devoured!

With one final push, the group attacks! All the members of the party manage to land an attack… with the exception of Bjord Tabtsdottir, who rages impotently, unable to bring her fury to bear.

The combination of a hellish rebuke and magic missiles finally fells the beast.


Faint demonic laughter is heard echoing across the now still water.

Things discovered...
Side quest update


Lin Soo and Walnaz met with Elmleaf, an elven wood worker who had been missing for months. Much to their horror, they discovered that the elf had been commissioned to make the figurehead for the Black Maiden – the one that looked disturbingly like Lin Soo’s missing wife, Elena.

Driven by guilt and deep regret, Elmleaf tells the heroes that he was approached by the captain of the mysterious ship and commissioned to carve the figurehead based on a drawing he was given. What he did not know was that there was a powerful enchantment at work and the parchment contained the trapped soul of Elena. Upon completing the figurehead, dark magic transferred almost all of her soul into the wooden effigy. A small piece remains trapped in the vellum scroll that Elmleaf returned to Lin Soo

Post raid
...and the bureacracy that goes with it

Having cleared the profane cultist hideout, burned the bag, and saved the gem within, the troupe returned with the surviving cultist prisoners to Karth.

The prisoners were immediately taken to the church, and/or infirmary as necessary. The abbot was forcibly awoken and treatments began, with exclamations of “they came back!” and “they found the missing persons!” etc.

As the reward from Razor was about to be claimed, the group was hastily ushered into a meeting of the Wise Council. After some formalities, such as “how are you kids?” to Lady Dextra (“fine. why?”) the group was handsomely rewarded, then treated to an after party of sorts.

All present wanted to hunt down the last of the coven, so an expidition was made in 3 days time, to hunt them down. From the town, four other avid adventurers were brought along:
Doxy, Ribald, Gnu, and Sid.

During the downtime, Kai and Blizz were able to discuss things arcane with the tiefling wizard of Lady Dextra’s house. [not true, but figure this gives Blizz some backstory to access magic too?] Meanwhile Reed Greenbottle did stuff [Sorry Xavier, my memory isn’t what it used to be], while Lin Soo and Walnaz followed up on the missing Elmleaf.

Finally, they group with their new cannon fodder headed back to the cultists’ former stomping grounds. Following the emergency exit, they discovered a swamp. Trekking through this, they encountered a giant toad ridden by none other than the (probably) insane druid of the swamp, Cyril Snakebait! With instructions to stay away from Sparklepony, and in exchange for Walnaz’s elven mead, he provided directions to the likely sanctuary of the coven.

One giant alligator and constrictor fight in the mud later…

(Map of the under-cultists coven)underChurchMap.JPG

Taking the bait
lin soo's last stand...

After the “oh hell no” comment from Lin Soo, the gig was up, as they say.

The unbelievably beautiful trio of women around the cauldron ordered the ’sacrifice’s death, and transformed into loathsome hags. From his vantage on the altar-slab, Lin Soo was able to see the tallest one protectively clutching at a bag.

The rest of the group convinced Reed to scout ahead, helpfully invisible from Blizz‘s magic. Creeping from the darkened cavern entrance (being guarded by Bjord Tabtsdottir and Mara Nailo ) he saw a warrior and assassin-like character ready to spit Lin, while the two giant twitchy guards they’d tracked since Karth where guarding the steps up. Taking a pot shot at the first assassin, as Lin stood up, and all hell broke loose.

Several lightning bolts, and repeated deaths later, the group had the coven’s bag, Blizz made an incredible bluff, and 90% of the enemies were rendered “ineffective combatants”. The Hags seemed to have had enough at this point, and threw the warrior (who transformed into a rat) down the escape tunnel, and ordered the rest to retreat. The assassin ran after her, while the sisters merely vanished.

place holder

(For anyone who has a better memory of what happened on this date.. than i do)

into the heap of humankind

We follow the Cavern and enter the city of Karth through Traders gate.

Challenged by the guards, who try to extort us, Walnaz points out that we are actually messengers for one of the temples. The Guard sergeant asks what is going on.

We meet fagan (young rogue) and pay him to be our guide

Upon entering the “old town” heading for the temple we discover we have to peace bond our weapons.

After telling the story of the Demon to a senior cleric, he gets the council of priests and we re-tell our story. They give us a letter of recommendation to meet the City Councillors

Walnaz goes to talk to the Elven Captain (Cpt. Weyey) of the Reef Ship docked in the harbor.

Lin-Soo puts a 50gp bounty out with Fagan’s informants, to discover who carved the figurehead of the Black Maiden. He also looks for the cathedral he appeared in through the travel portal

We buy a house for 750 gold in the poorer part of “old Town” to be our base and allow the Magicians to start making potions

We are summoned to meet the the city councillors, 3 of them are there. We then meet the Razor (Captain of the Guard)

Behind the Grassy Gnoll!
not really. More like in front of, and on top of...

After Walnaz was finished downing the Ettin, Salla was saved, and Lin Soo threw up a magical blue arrow into the sky, to let everyone who had run off into the dark, regroup. Also to let the caravan know they were alive. Unaware how hopelessly lost Kai had become, it turned out that many other unwanteds also became aware where the Caravan and crew were.

Howls were heard in the distance, (oh right, Gnolls!) and with that the caravan woke up and began lighting lanterns and torches. Walnaz and Lin Soo noticed the brightening glow on the one horizon, and then another distant glow on a perpendicular horizon.

Back at Camp, Blizz had the wisdom to realize what was happening, and made a passionate persuasion to get the caravaneers to circle their wagons and shutter the light, with only minor pushback from Raz-Amin

Kai at this point, had fallen down a bank, tumbled himself thoroughly and missed both the caravan and giant blue arrow. Soo realized what he’d done, and cancelled his arrow glamer at this point, but the harm was done.

Walnaz and Soo escorted Salla as quickly as they could towards the camp, then set off to find out what the other glow was, which seemed accompanied by yelps and howls.

Kai set off towards the only light source he could see, assuming it was the caravan, and realized later it was a grass fire. “I thought everything here was too damp for a fire…” was one thought that crossed his mind. The next one was “Fly you fool!”.

Walnaz figured this out as well, and directed Soo back to the camp, to get them to start moving out of the fire’s path. It looked like it would reach them in about a half hour, but if they could get going, all would be well. He was going to scout further and see where the yelps were coming from.

Back at camp, Blizz tried keeping everyone’s spirits up, comforting and quieting Raz and his reunited daughter, when Soo stormed into camp trying to convince everyone to pick up and move again. “Why?” asked Blizz, “because, fire. Also ”/characters/walnaz" class=“wiki-content-link”>Walnaz." “Move!” directed Blizz, and with Raz’s help this time the group got moving.

Long story short, everyone made it back to the caravan, along with twenty or so jackals, hyenas, Gnolls and such, running through the grass. One of the head mules was gored nearly to death, three guards and a caravaneer’s wife were lost in the fracas, while Salla revealed that she’d been practicing with daddy Raz’s crossbow in secret. In payback, all of the attackers were killed, with some expert paralysis-poison-using-arrows by Walnaz, several dozen lances of fire and magical darts from Blizz and Kai, and a last minute healing save from Mara, as she and Bjord and Reed returned from their day-earlier scouting mission. Oh, and the rest of the group helped kill off the monsters.

sigh, gasp, i just need to rest. For a while. Over here. On this log. zzz

Caravan's Ho!
Their greatest hit was "Don't stop Believing"

The group finally agreed to set out with the caravaneers, with the captain Raz-Amin leading the way.

A few short days into travelling, and they run across what turned out later to be an adventuring band.. clothing and garb indicating they were from the south. Peaceful conversations were had, trades were made, and stories exchanged.

Walnaz and Kai convinced them to camp with the group, and during the fire-talk, one of the adventurers mentioned the safe areas (old Town) and unsafe areas (the Docks) of Karth, and where they would likely find what they were looking for. They warned the group of the many Gnoll attacks between the camp and the city, but should they stick to the roads, and stay quiet, they’d probably fare well enough. They also mentioned a strange ship called the Black Maiden, which had a figurehead that they described as matching Lin Soo’s memory of Elena.
“We have to find that ship.” was the only contribution Lin Soo made to the fire-talk.

Morning came, morning went, and the groups parted ways. As they were to make camp that evening, during Bjord and Lin Soo’s midnight shift, they heard a large commotion coming from the grassland off the road, and at least two brutes arguing with themselves.
Suddenly, an Ettin appeared! It was moderately effective, with one solid blow to Lin Soo.
Smashing into Raz-Amin’s wagon, and grabbing his daughter, Walnaz and Lin Soo and Kai gave chase, after much harm was inflicted upon itself by Blizz and Bjord.

Off into the darkness they ran! Tune in next week when you’ll hear Kai say “he’s a jimmie rustler!”

Cleaning out the mines

Working with the miners, we headed to the mine.

Mara Nailo scouted the mine as a spider and discovered two angry Owl Bears.

The group attacked the Owl Bears. From behind Kobolds attacked. Once the Owl Bears were killed the group was focused on Kobolds, who were entrenched in a place the group could enter. With a combination of smoking out the Kobolds and promising them safe passage out of the mine they left.

The Silver mine was cleared


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