Road's End

Quiet little village on the edge of human civilization. Famous for their proximity to the “Forest what ets those who wander around within it after dark”, and for Jerome, the Pork farmer.

Outstanding citizenry includes Harran, captain of the guard; and Bostwick and Karrack, two of the bravest guards in the city.

Should you be inclined to visit the more superstitious parts of town, the wise woman who resides in a “rustic” old cabin on the edge of this edge-of-frontier town is a must-see.

Walnaz worked with the town guard to ensure that the wall was secure and trained the guards to fight with longspears and bows

Roads Ends was originally built as a fort. A lord and his soldiers starting building it, built the four towers and East gate in stone and most of the wall in wood. The Lord left a number behind to finish the job. The Lord was called back to a great battle where he and his men all died. Over time others have come and built there own homes inside the walls. There are number of homes which are just shells and uncompleted. There is an old Iron and silver mines in the mountains to the north.


Road's End

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