Thursday DnD

The Death of Mara

As the group moves deeper into the swamp, they are confronted by an aged lizardman and a large party of his warriors. The group wisely chooses to parley and after a stilted conversation, they learn that a dark force has moved into the swamp> it drew off a portion of the tribe and other, darker creatures are also being called to it.

After spending the night as guests of the lizardmen, they continue the journey. Lizzy, their teenaged guide, leads them well through the swamp. The party is confronted by a dark figure that channels the demon that they first met under the fort near Road’s End. It offers them a bargain, information that would lead them to the ship carrying the person who carried off Lin Soo’s wife for simply leaving him (and the hags) alone.

The party does not make the devils bargain and pushes on, crossing the floating bridge that stands before them. (Despite Walnaz’s deep misgivings) At the worst possible moment, a massive, multi-headed beast rises up from the water and lashes out at the adventurers.

Mara Nailo manages to entangle the massive creature for a moment, giving the group a chance to mount an attack. Walnaz calls out that the creature is vulnerable to fire and the battle begins.

Lin Soo and Bjord Tabtsdottir have no luck at all, and miss attack after attack. Blizzard (Blizz) Roywyn Zook Galgyra Eniryn Folkor Merjin bravely casts bolts of fire at the beast but is forced to flee when it turns all of it’s rage on her for using fire against it. Only her magical shielding spell prevents her from being savaged.

Mara Nailo races forward with a magical flaming blade and draws the ire of the monster. It turns its full attention to her and lashes out with all five heads! With the sickening sound of rending flesh, Mara Nailo is torn into bloody pieces and devoured!

With one final push, the group attacks! All the members of the party manage to land an attack… with the exception of Bjord Tabtsdottir, who rages impotently, unable to bring her fury to bear.

The combination of a hellish rebuke and magic missiles finally fells the beast.


Faint demonic laughter is heard echoing across the now still water.



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